This is not a tasting note for Wirra Wirra’s Mrs Wigley Rose

Sometimes cork-dorks get caught up analysing the aromas, pondering the phenolic grip, or comparing the residual sugar of the latest releases. Whereas only a small proportion of the audience cares.  Blogs are full of images of hard working vintage hands, lush and green vineyards and bottle shots of labels.

Real life wine tasting

Real life wine tasting

All are essential to gaining an appreciation of what goes into making the wine.  Wine companies are only too willing to tell amusing anecdotes about how the wine was named, but not many people remember.  Really its about what’s in YOUR glass now.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

I’ll tell you a wine industry secret – wine is a drink! I know that is a surprise, but its just a drink.  A bloody delicious, ever changing, contemplative beverage.  Made for enjoyment – hopefully.  A lot can influence your perception of wine; time of day, food accompanying it, location and company its consumed in.  When completing a sensory analysis of wines all these ‘enjoyable’ parts are removed from the equation.  Even the external lighting and aromas are controlled. Which may all be interesting from a scientific point of view, but we dont live in sterile scientific world.

So when I sit outside basking in the warm summers sun, next to the cool waters of the pool I may well be breaking all the technical rules as I drink the Wirra Wirra’s Mrs Wigley Rose.  But I dont care. Wine is about enjoyment.  Hedonistic it may well be, but whateva.  I could breakdown the aroma profile of the Grenache fruit, or describe the flavour characteristics.  But hell no, Im drinking this one. Its fresh and refreshing – or that could be the pool.

This wine is made for drinking and enjoying, and sharing with friends right now. Oh and it has TA of 6.8 g/L.

RRP $20
Alc 13.5%
Region: McLaren Vale
Source: Provided by producer

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