2012 Wirra Wirra Church Block – Happy Birthday to an old friend

An old friend has just turned 40 and it has reminded me of their quirky down to earth nature.  Some friends are following the hipster crowd, and going to the cool kid’s parties.  Some are friendly and familiar, who you aren’t ashamed to take to another mates BBQ.  And this 40 year old from McLaren Vale’s Wirra Wirra is just good fun to be around and enjoy their company.  You don’t need to pontificate too much about what they say, just sit back and enjoy their generous character.

Wirra Wirra Church Block

Wirra Wirra Church Block

First made in 1972 the Wirra Wirra Church Block has become a staple of many Aussie households, and is quite widely available.   The 2012 Wirra Wirra Church Block continues to show why it’s an old favourite.

The 2012 Church Block is a blend of 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Shiraz, and 16% Merlot.  While the spicy oak is noticeable, it isnt obtrusive. On the nose all is in balance – a dollop of Cabernet herbeacousness and a whiff of chocolately Shiraz.  On the palate it’s soft and warm, with subtle grip.  Fresh ripe generous fruit, with good length.  An honest Aussie red wine, which delivers what it says.

I’m having another glass.

RRP $20
Alc 14.5%
Source: Provided by producer

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