Wirra Wirra 2013 The Absconder Grenache: Wine Review

It may be my personal predilection to all things Pinot, but Grenache is also a variety which works so well.  Not only from a personal wine preference, but also in conjunction with the food and climate of South Australia.

Over the last few years we have seen some restraint coming back into wine styles – more cooler climate Shiraz, earlier picked Grenache.  Grenache is no longer only good for hand-to-hand combat, with alcohols of 16.5% plus (although there are still some around). Producers are letting the freshness of the fruit come to the forefront. More red berries and sour cherries leaping from the glass, rather than almost fortified over ripe dark berries.wirra wirra absconder grenache

The Wirra Wirra 2013 Absconder Grenache is another in the band of merry producers with a lighter touch in the vineyard. On the nose there’s ripe cherries, and some warm Asian spice. A subtle savoury/leather character adds complexity.

On the palate there’s a lightness of touch to this medium bodied Grenache. Its open and inviting. Ripe plums and a rare roast meat.  Warm roasted fennel provides a liquorice component. The acidity is noticeable, but all in balance with the fruit. The Wirra Wirra Absconder is indeed a lovely wine.

RRP $70
Alc 14.5%
Region: McLaren Vale
Source: Provided by producer

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