The focus of this blog is on Australia and its premium food and wine regions.  We enjoy quality wine and food; we enjoy interesting wine and food; things which are different and set the region aside.  As a visitor to a region how does this product represent what the region does so well?

We graciously accept samples, and will mention to our readers how these have been provided.  From time to time we may have commercial relationships with producers (ranging from advertising to consulting), but we aim to be impartial on the products we try.  Needless to say, if something really is not up to scratch then we generally aren’t going to take the time to write about it.

If you want to send samples, ask if we want them, stating;

  • Winery Name
  • Wine name
  • Variety/style
  • Region the winery or the fruit is from.
  • Softcopy of winery blurb.

With wine send;

  • Contact name and details
  • Website of winery
  • Recommended retail price of wine
  • Availability (winery URL/wine merchant chains)
  • Production of wine (cases) is nice to know
  • Winemaking notes are helpful
  • Bottle shot is useful, but we may take our own images if not supplied.
  • URL of the wine you would like us to link back to (this will help YOUR search engine optimisation. )
  • Feel free to add anything else for me to tell your story.

If you would like to reproduce the review then please have a read here. Submission of a wine does not assure a review.   Dont even consider sending wine with a plastic cork.  Life is too short to try and wrestle with those things and they taint wine.

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