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Our approach & philosophy

The blog is aimed at helping visitors to a region identify the very best, the interesting, and the indulgent of that area. Generally assisting visitors with the noble art of travelling for food and wine.  We try to give our audience a true sense of place, and we choose to do that through the food and wine of a region.  Our thinking is if we were to visit this area what experiences would last in our memory.  What makes the region special – or could it just be an experience anywhere in the world.

We want to discover, we want to experience, we want to develop ourselves.

Product Philosophy

The focus of this blog is on Australia and its premium food and wine regions.  We enjoy quality wine and food; we enjoy interesting wine and food; things which are different and set the region aside.  As a visitor to a region how does this product represent what the region does so well?  To help us tell the story we like to connect a product to a producer or a personality which help give visitors a sense of place.  If something comes from South Eastern Australia that doesn’t really help to tell the story – unless that story is about commodities which could come from anywhere in the world.

From time to time we will write about producers and operators who we have various commercial relationships with.  This may be advertising, sponsorship, or tourism consulting. We endeavour to be transparent in our relationships.

About Jason Miller

Jason has completed a number of vintages in South Australia, starting in 2002.  6 years working as a professional taster/judge, focusing on sensory attributes of wine and food products.  WSET Level3 Level 3 Advanced Certificate with Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).  Wine judge at amateur winemaker’s competitions. Wine investor.  Wine buyer and consultant for individuals and businesses.  Owner of a tour company providing bespoke food and wine experiences around South Australia.

Generally he just likes to travel, eat, and the odd glass of wine.

If you have a product or experience we would love to hear from you.

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