Turkey Flat: Vanishing into the Night

It was here, then it was gone – into the night.  Such a fleeting thing is any ‘popup’ experience. As was the Turkey Flat pop up cellar door, held in the old and funky Queens Theatre on July 10.  But what a great way to enjoy the release on the new portfolio of wines from this Barossa favourite.

Turkey Flat Pop Up Cellar Door

Turkey Flat Pop Up Cellar Door

Its always with eager anticipation I await the new Turkey Flat Rose. Well known in the market, but never so familiar that you get tired of it.  And the 2013 doesn’t disappoint. Full of fresh red fruit (strawberry and raspberry), but probably more floral than previously. Definitely dry in style, and on the night I was told it went well with the seafood paella.

TurkeyFlat Rose2013

Turkey Flat 2013 Rose

I was keen to have a look at the new Single Vineyard Shiraz series from 2010. This is the third release of these wines and always shows the diversity of the Barossa so well.  The different climates and soils, combine to expose Barossa’s complexities. “The Great” from Bethany was my stand-out. Lovely, and pretty. Full of floral aromas, and luxurious ripe dark fruit.  Well structured but not assertive. Long soft finish would probably keep me coming back to finish the bottle, if I had the chance.

Turkey Flat 2010 Single Vineyard Shiraz

Turkey Flat 2010 Single Vineyard Shiraz


“The Twist” from the northerly Koonunga region had more spice, with the dark fruit. Noticeable powdery tannins.  Ideal with a roast meat. “The Conqueror” from Stonewell region did indeed conquer.  Much bigger in style: more grip, darker fruit. Veering toward Christmas cake in flavours and palate density. This should live for a loooong time.

Given fleeting nature of the popup cellar door, you will have to head to Barossa to experience the real thing for yourself.  Its always a recommended visit, and I’m sure you will fall in love with something new.

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