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Patritti 2016 PetNat: Wine Review

All the cool kids are drinking this naturally sparkling wine. Even though its ‘new’, as with most things grasped by hipsters it is an ancient and natural product, but without any hint of irony. Its a form of fizzy wine which is bottled before the completion of fermentation. As the yeasts consumes the sugar, turning it into alcohol, the yeast creates carbon dioxide which causes the juice to become spritzy. With a Pet-Nat, the live ferment is trapped inside the bottle . This method of winemaking is known as méthode ancestrale or Pétillant-Naturel (natural sparkling) or Pet Nat for short.

Patritti Pet Nat


Patritti is actually based in Adelaide city suburbs, but the fruit for this is Trincadeira from Barossa and adds sweetness and natural acidity. Essentially being an ‘unfinished wine’ the Patritti Pet Nat still has yeast lees in suspension. So leaving the bottle upright a day or so prior to opening minimises the cloudiness.

Aromas of wild strawberries, with a definite funky spiciness and a herbal edge. On the palate its lightly spritzy, noticeable sweetness but balanced with acidity. Red berries, cranberries. The Patritti Pet Nat reminds me of that strawberry yogurt that I left in the fridge for a week too long, but still decided to eat the fizzy creamy berries goodness. Serve the Pet Nat slightly cooler than room temperature, and its freshness and slight sweetness makes it super tempting on a warm summery evening.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $25
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Effervescence Tasmania

Effervescence Tasmania 2016 returns over four days from 3 – 6 November 2016, showcasing world-class sparkling wines, Michelin-starred chefs, award-winning winemakers and experts. This year, we’re privileged to have legendary chefs Tetsuya Wakuda and Jacques Reymond participating – Tetsuya in the Grand Degustation dinner and three-course local producer lunch, and Jacques in The Essence of Effervescence lunch at Quamby Estate.

Author and wine expert Tyson Stelzer will host a Champagne and Tasmanian Sparkling Wine dinner and masterclasses, and some of our leading winemakers, Dr Andrew Pirie (Apogee), Ed Carr (House of Arras) and Louisa Rose (Jansz) are on the pour. Add to that the Effervescence Tasmania festival’s decadent garden party, Bubbles and Beats event and food-matching masterclasses for the ultimate food and wine weekend.

More information at www.effervescencetasmania.com