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Singlefile 2015 Fume Blanc: Wine Review

You probably wont see much written about Sauvignon Blanc on Que Syrah. Potentially out of wine-snobbery, but also out of wine boredom.  We see so many, with so little variation on the ‘cats pee on a gooseberry bush’ theme.  Not so with wines like Singlefile Fume Blanc.

The Singlefile Fume Blanc shows aromas of lovely fresh characters, not so much capsicum (as you see with so many Sauvignon Blancs) more fresh spring peas, green apple. Pleasant and subtle tropical pineapple, and mandarin citrus. All restrained by careful oak handling, also adding a little touch of warm spice. Singlefile FumeBlanc

On the palate the body of the Singlefile Fume Blancs shows a touch of fullness, and the acid is balanced with gentle richness. Ripe stonefruit and citrus, with some unripe pineapple.

This is a Sauvignon Blanc for grownups, and shows more restraint and complexity than your usual Kiwi offering. The Singlefile Fume Blanc can even handle richer dishes like roast chicken or roast pumpkin risotto.

Alcohol: 13.7%
Price: $30
Region: Pemberton, WA
Source: Provided by producer

Window Estate 2013 Sauvignon Blanc: Tasting Note

The Windows Estate 2012 Sauvignon Blanc has a bit more complexity than most straight Sauvignon Blancs.  Chris Davis uses a bit of barrel fermentation as well as keeping the juice on lees for a little longer.Windows Estate Sauvignon Blanc

On the nose there is the fresh Sauvignon Blanc herbaceousness, a good dollop of tropical passionfruit and ripe pineapple, and a nice floral lift.  On the palate good acidity, and a balance of flavours between tropical fruit and grassy green pea. A bit of citrus pith grip and a fuller mouthfeel keeps things fresh and full.

This is a Sauvignon Blanc to think about, if that’s how you roll.

RRP $23
Alc 12.5%
Production: 500 doz
Region: Margaret River
Source: Provided by producer

Shaw & Smith 2013 Sauvignon Blanc – Tasting Note

The Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc is always put on a pedestal, even within Australia’s key Sauvignon Blanc growing region of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.  Shaw & Smith Sauvignon Blanc is a consistent performer which fights the good battle against the marauding Kiwi Sauv Blancs.

Shaw & Smith

Shaw & Smith Cellar Door

Shaw Smith 2013 Sauvignon Blanc

In the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, luckily there is a distinct lack of ‘cats pee on a gooseberry bush’ here.  Instead lots of ripe citrus and fresh tropical fruit.  Crisp acidity to slack any thirst – especially at about 3:30pm on a warm day.  But also packed full of fruit – citrus and tropical pineapple and passionfruit.  Backed up by a hint of grassy herbaceousness (but no gooseberry bush, or cats pee for that matter).

RRP $25
Alc 12.5%
Region: Adelaide Hills
Source: Provided by producer