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Vickery 2016 Riesling: Wine Review

John Vickery is the accepted doyen of Riesling in Australia, with an illustrious career covering fifty years and innumerable awards. The Vickery Rieslings he has crafted from Watervale and Eden Valley in South Australia are the epitome of this variety.

Vickery Rieslings are made in partnership with talented winemaker and family friend Phil Lehmann, so that John’s winemaking methods and knowledge will be preserved and passed on for generations to come, for the benefit of all lovers of classic Australian Riesling.

Vickery Eden Valley 2016 Riesling

Vickery Eden Valley Riesling

The Vickery Riesling from Eden Valley has lovely aromas of lime zest, and some floral prettiness. Palate is fresh and lively with lemon citrus, with a slately edge.

Flavours last and the mouthwatering acidity suggests some great cellaring potential for those who adore aged Rieslings.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $23
Region: Eden Valley (Barossa), SA
Source: Trade tasting


Vickery Watervale Riesling

Vickery Watervale 2016 Riesling

The Vickery Riesling from Watervale shows the typical freshness on the nose, with some aromatic white floral characters.

The palate is similarly lively like the Eden Valley, and also with a steely component. Possibly a little fuller in the mouthfeel. Pure and delicious.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $23
Region: Watervale (Clare Valley), SA
Source: Trade tasting

Reilly’s 2015 Watervale Riesling: Wine Review

Riesling is one of the classic varieties which I adore.  Drink them young and fresh or let them develop into something altogether different with 15-20 years of bottle age.Reillys Riesling

This Reilly’s Watervale Riesling is from 2015, so obviously tasted as a young and fresh style. But with the bursting fruit, lots of freshness and a very persistent flavour definitely has me thinking this would be even more sensational in 10-15 years time.

On the nose there are beautiful floral notes, freshly squeezed citrus and a slight spicy edge. On the palate, the Reillys Riesling is packed full of fresh tropical fruit, unripe pineapple and lime juice.  A touch of citrus pith adds a bit of grip. The flavours (and acidity) linger for a longer than I can hold my concentration. At a recommended retail price of $22 its very good value.

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Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $22
Region: Clare Valley, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Bests Great Western 2015 Riesling: Wine Review

If only we could leap forward 10 years sometimes. Aged Riesling a a joy to behold and something tells me the Bests Great Western 2015 Riesling will develop into a beauty.Bests 2015 Riesling

At the present time on the nose there’s lemon curd, juicy red apple, and subtle floral bath salts in the background.  While not exactly leaping from the glass (possibly a little too cool) its still interesting and alluring.

On the palate of the Bests Great Western Riesling, the first thing noticed is the sweetness.  More than a hint, but in no way overriding. Definitely in the off dry category or possibly ‘halbtrocken’ for those Rieslings freaks.

Ripe mandarin and lime citrus, a little kick of acid balancing it all.  Red apple again makes an appearance, making it full and round. The sweetness adequately countered a good hit of chilli in a Vietnamese chicken salad.

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Alcohol: 12.0%
RRP: $25
Region: Grampians, VIC
Source: Provided by producer

The Biggest Public Tasting of Riesling

Nearly five hundred Rieslings from seven countries, International judges / presenters, academic presentations, Master classes, recognition of the best Rieslings and the biggest public Riesling tasting in the Southern Hemisphere will all happen at the Hyatt Hotel and Albert Hall in Canberra on 11 to 17 October 2015.

The 16th Canberra International Riesling Challenge will again promote, award and recognise excellence in one of the oldest grape varieties and one of the first vines planted in Australia. The CIRC is not just a wine show:

  • Judging: Rieslings from France, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, New Zealand, and South Africa will join Australian wines in three days of judging to find the best in each region, country and the best of Show. Judges from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the USA will smell, taste, and ponder the merits of each wine before declaring the winners.
  • Seminar on Riesling Excellence: 16 October at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra, hosted by Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga / National Wine and Grape Industry Centre. Leading Riesling academics will present findings on how to make the best wines with topics including What’s hiding in your Clare Riesling?; Carbohydrate/ Nitrogen/ post-harvest management – with a focus on Riesling results; Ripening levels / flavours in Riesling; Concept of Terroir.
  • Master Class of Rieslings from the World: 16 October at the Hyatt Hotel Canberra. This year the spotlight is on Rieslings from the Clare Valley with a presentation and tasting of Clare Valley Rieslings by Neil Pike and Kerri Thompson; and Rieslings from the USA with Jim Trezise from the NY Wine and Grape Foundation guiding participants through Rieslings from six different areas highlighting terroir, regions, styles, consumption and future of the variety.
  • Awards Presentation: 16 October at the Hyatt Hotel where the best of the best will be recognised. Winning wines will be available for tasting.
  • The biggest public tasting of Riesling in the Southern Hemisphere: 17 October at the Albert Hall, Canberra. Come and taste the 484 wines entered in this year’s Challenge.

For more information contact www.rieslingchallenge.com