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dArenberg 2012 Ironstone Pressings: Wine Review

For many winemakers and many regions of South Australia 2012 vintage was a relief.  Ideal ripening conditions, on top of the previous wet winter meant vines were healthy and fruit in top quality. So expectations are pretty high for the 2012 releases, let alone those icon wines from top producers like d’Arenberg. Ironstone Pressings

The  d’Arenberg Ironstone Pressings as always impressed me as a blend.  The 2010 Ironstone Pressings was memorable. The 2012 release is a blend of 70% Grenache, 25% Shiraz and 5% Mourvedre. The Grenache dominance brings with it gorgeous floral and violet lightness, followed by a gamey meat savouriness.  Its very complex with many layers developing and showing itself.

On the palate definitely at the savoury end of the spectrum; warm sun-baked McLaren Vale earth, fresh sour cherry. The complex flavours linger and continue to unfold. The tannins are fine and somewhat drying, but the wine is still soft and lively.  Very enjoyable drinking now and as with all their icon releases will develop over the next decade. The d’Arenberg Ironstone Pressings is good value at $65.

RRP $65
Alc 14.4%
Region: McLaren Vale
Source: Provided by producer

dArenberg 2012 Derelict Vineyard Grenache: Wine Review

McLaren Vale has been a great proponent of the Grenache variety.  Its suits the warmer climate of the Mediterranean region. While it can be at risk of over yielding, and higher sugar and therefore alcohol, careful vineyard management can produce stunning examples.  d’Arenberg have been advocates of Grenache and especially older vine Grenache.darenberg Derelict Vineyard Grenache

The 2012 Derelict Vineyard Grenache, comes from a resurrected bush-vine vineyard. Restoring these vineyards has been a time consuming labour of love for the d’Arenberg team. The result is a wine with aromas of warmed earth, cola, spices and white pepper. No hints of confectionery, but plenty of fruit.  Ripe raspberries, and plenty of ripe darker fruit leap about.  It looks almost Shiraz like in colour.

On the palate its definitely bigger bodied than some Grenache’s, with more tannin and intensity – again making me think of Shiraz. Flavours of sour cherries, white pepper and warm spices. Nice fresh acidity balances the ripeness. Finishing with more savoury edge. Some may choose to cellar for a few years for the tannin to soften, but it could also be a gateway drug for those Shiraz lovers wanting to explore the Grenache style more.

Alcohol: 14.2%
RRP: $29
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose: Wine Review

As spring progresses and the evenings get warmer, rose’s feature more and more regularly (especially here in South Australia). Roses are quite a broad category ranging from sweet to bone dry, and based on a diverse range of grape varieties. Around South Australia Grenache roses are quite abundant, especially in Barossa and McLaren Vale.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

The Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose, is a lively pink colour. The Grenache fruit adding to its vibrancy.  On the nose its packed full of fresh raspberry and strawberry fruit, with a herbal edge. A sweet confectionery/candy floss aroma could easily lead you to think this is at the sweeter end of the rose spectrum.

On the palate of the Mrs Wigley Rose, there is more strawberry and ripe summer berry exuberance, with a prettiness in flavour and appearance. Its all fresh fruit sweetness, finishing dry and crisp, with a little bit of grip to add texture. Ideally enjoyed cold; its full of fun and summer in a bottle.

Alcohol: 13.5%
RRP: $20
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer


Turkey Flat 2013 Grenache: Tasting Note

Barossa is blessed with some fantastic old vines, many being Shiraz and Turkey Flat GrenacheGrenache which survived the vine-pull scheme of the 1980’s.  Turkey Flat is one producer with a number of these old vines. The Turkey Flat 2013 Grenache is predominately sourced from 98 year old Grenache vines grown on the vineyard at Bethany.

On the nose its bright and fresh. Exhibiting more dark fruit, and ripe cherry aromas. Some earthiness in the background. Floral hints (lavender) waft around.

On the palate more juicy dark fruit, complementing the sweet spice.  Nice herbal edge keeps it interesting. Generally quite fresh and juicy, with a gentle grippy tannins suggesting some ageing potential. Definitely see the Turkey Flat Grenache slightly chilled on a warm summers day with cured meats, black olives and some char-grilled vegetables.

Also check out the new release of the Turkey Flat 2013 Butcher Block Red.

Alcohol: 14.5%
RRP: $29
Region: Barossa
Source: Provided by producer

Game of Rhones – A Tale of Five Cities

This winter comes a tale­ of distant lands, of vineyard toil. A tale of five cities. After sellout events in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane in 2014, popular wine event Game of Rhones will this year expand to Sydney and Auckland.

Game of Rhones is a combative celebration of the classic grape varieties of the Rhone Valley in France. Think Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Cinsault, Viognier, Marsanne and Roussane to name just a few.

With more than 40 of Australia and New Zealand’s best producers on show at Game of Rhones, there will be over 100 wines on tasting as well as hearty fare and local beer and cider.

Game of Rhones

Game of Rhones – supplied

For those keen on gaining extra insight, the Rhone Bar will again be the place to taste wines from ‘Beyond the Wall’ (ie: the Rhone Valley). Manned by some of the individual cities best sommeliers, they will be on hand to talk attendees through this vinous homeland offering wines by the glass at virtually cost price.

The interactive showcase encourages guests to taste and choose their favourite variety, style and region on the day by casting their votes for the Peoples Choice award for a chance to win some epic prizes. Wines will also be available to purchase on the day at cellar door prices.

With the blind (folded) tasting ‘torture chamber’ back again (a highlight of previous Game of Rhones instalments), an enthusiasm for the wine producers to dress in theme, as well as attendees for that matter, Game of Rhones is set for another monstrous campaign.

Tickets available at www.gameofrhones.com

This is not a tasting note for Wirra Wirra’s Mrs Wigley Rose

Sometimes cork-dorks get caught up analysing the aromas, pondering the phenolic grip, or comparing the residual sugar of the latest releases. Whereas only a small proportion of the audience cares.  Blogs are full of images of hard working vintage hands, lush and green vineyards and bottle shots of labels.

Real life wine tasting

Real life wine tasting

All are essential to gaining an appreciation of what goes into making the wine.  Wine companies are only too willing to tell amusing anecdotes about how the wine was named, but not many people remember.  Really its about what’s in YOUR glass now.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

I’ll tell you a wine industry secret – wine is a drink! I know that is a surprise, but its just a drink.  A bloody delicious, ever changing, contemplative beverage.  Made for enjoyment – hopefully.  A lot can influence your perception of wine; time of day, food accompanying it, location and company its consumed in.  When completing a sensory analysis of wines all these ‘enjoyable’ parts are removed from the equation.  Even the external lighting and aromas are controlled. Which may all be interesting from a scientific point of view, but we dont live in sterile scientific world.

So when I sit outside basking in the warm summers sun, next to the cool waters of the pool I may well be breaking all the technical rules as I drink the Wirra Wirra’s Mrs Wigley Rose.  But I dont care. Wine is about enjoyment.  Hedonistic it may well be, but whateva.  I could breakdown the aroma profile of the Grenache fruit, or describe the flavour characteristics.  But hell no, Im drinking this one. Its fresh and refreshing – or that could be the pool.

This wine is made for drinking and enjoying, and sharing with friends right now. Oh and it has TA of 6.8 g/L.

RRP $20
Alc 13.5%
Region: McLaren Vale
Source: Provided by producer