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Wirra Wirra 2015 12th Man Chardonnay: Wine Review

Oh the travels Chardonnay and I have been through over the years. Its been like globetrotting with a haut-couture model. There was the big oaky behemoths phase, then the skeletal stainless steel no-oak chardonnays, the natural-looking just a touch of oak phase.  No wonder the consumer still says ‘Oh, I dont drink Chardonnay’. They probably don’t know what to expect.

Wirra Wirra 12th Man Chardonnay


Just to keep it interesting, the 2015 Wirra Wirra 12th Man Chadonnay takes a step away from the style of the 2013 12th Man Chardonnay.

The aroma of the 2015 12th Man leaps from the glass with good intensity. There are complex aromas of dusty straw, mandarin and citrus zest, ripe peach, and a creaminess. With an interesting hint of lanolin. On the palate it a delicate balanced between crisp white peach and stonefruit, fresh acid, but also lots of texture. A riper style offering fullness in the mouth, but still finishing clean and lively.

Is this a classically-styled oakier Chardonnay? Possibly, and the perceived oak does play a greater role than previously. Is this showing that winemakers love to play and tweek styles in an ever changing marketplace? Probably.

What are your thoughts? Has this found a balance between austerity and fullness?

Alcohol: 13.5%
Price: $31.50
Region: Adelaide Hills, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Calabria 2015 Nero d’Avola: Wine Review

Calabria Nero dAvola

Its good to see more of this variety being grown around Australia.  Originally from southern Sicily, it seems to be gaining traction in Australia’s warmer regions like McLaren Vale (SA) and Riverina (NSW).

This example, 2015 Calabria Nero d’avola, shows lovely bright red fruit on the nose. With hints of dried Mediterranean herbs.

On the palate there is a gentleness with the flavours, while still being medium bodied.  Fresh and juicy red fruit, like cherry and raspberry, with a approachable savoury spine flowing down the middle. A little spice and the herbs appear again.  Soft and supple.

The Calabria Nero d’Avola was matched perfectly with pork sausages, caramelized onions, and paris mash. Another great value, quality wine from the team at Calabria.

Alcohol: 14.0%
Price: $15
Region: Riverina, NSW
Source: Provided by producer

Singlefile 2015 Fume Blanc: Wine Review

You probably wont see much written about Sauvignon Blanc on Que Syrah. Potentially out of wine-snobbery, but also out of wine boredom.  We see so many, with so little variation on the ‘cats pee on a gooseberry bush’ theme.  Not so with wines like Singlefile Fume Blanc.

The Singlefile Fume Blanc shows aromas of lovely fresh characters, not so much capsicum (as you see with so many Sauvignon Blancs) more fresh spring peas, green apple. Pleasant and subtle tropical pineapple, and mandarin citrus. All restrained by careful oak handling, also adding a little touch of warm spice. Singlefile FumeBlanc

On the palate the body of the Singlefile Fume Blancs shows a touch of fullness, and the acid is balanced with gentle richness. Ripe stonefruit and citrus, with some unripe pineapple.

This is a Sauvignon Blanc for grownups, and shows more restraint and complexity than your usual Kiwi offering. The Singlefile Fume Blanc can even handle richer dishes like roast chicken or roast pumpkin risotto.

Alcohol: 13.7%
Price: $30
Region: Pemberton, WA
Source: Provided by producer

Reilly’s 2015 Watervale Riesling: Wine Review

Riesling is one of the classic varieties which I adore.  Drink them young and fresh or let them develop into something altogether different with 15-20 years of bottle age.Reillys Riesling

This Reilly’s Watervale Riesling is from 2015, so obviously tasted as a young and fresh style. But with the bursting fruit, lots of freshness and a very persistent flavour definitely has me thinking this would be even more sensational in 10-15 years time.

On the nose there are beautiful floral notes, freshly squeezed citrus and a slight spicy edge. On the palate, the Reillys Riesling is packed full of fresh tropical fruit, unripe pineapple and lime juice.  A touch of citrus pith adds a bit of grip. The flavours (and acidity) linger for a longer than I can hold my concentration. At a recommended retail price of $22 its very good value.

Also read our reviews of the Reillys Sangiovese and Reillys Tempranillo.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $22
Region: Clare Valley, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Singlefile 2015 Pinot Gris: Wine Review

Pemberton in Western Australia is probably not as well known as it should be. While only a mere 400km from Perth, its a region which is essentially still emerging, despite the first initial vines being planted in 1977.

Singlefile Wines, based in Denmark, Western Australia, has been producing since 2007 from previously established vineyards. They source some fruit from the Pemberton region as well as a number of others in the area. Singlefile Pinot Gris

The 2015 Pinot Gris shows complex aromas of lemon curd, subtle spice, and musky fruit. On the palate its refreshing and fuller in style with a hint of richness. Lots of lovely acidity. Flavours of fresh pomelo citrus, and poached spiced pear. Packed full of texture and complexity. It could suit a richer seafood dish with a beurre blanc sauce.

Alcohol: 12.7%
Price: $30
Region: Pemberton, WA
Source: Provided by producer

Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose: Wine Review

As spring progresses and the evenings get warmer, rose’s feature more and more regularly (especially here in South Australia). Roses are quite a broad category ranging from sweet to bone dry, and based on a diverse range of grape varieties. Around South Australia Grenache roses are quite abundant, especially in Barossa and McLaren Vale.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

The Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose, is a lively pink colour. The Grenache fruit adding to its vibrancy.  On the nose its packed full of fresh raspberry and strawberry fruit, with a herbal edge. A sweet confectionery/candy floss aroma could easily lead you to think this is at the sweeter end of the rose spectrum.

On the palate of the Mrs Wigley Rose, there is more strawberry and ripe summer berry exuberance, with a prettiness in flavour and appearance. Its all fresh fruit sweetness, finishing dry and crisp, with a little bit of grip to add texture. Ideally enjoyed cold; its full of fun and summer in a bottle.

Alcohol: 13.5%
RRP: $20
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer