Savour Australia: The culinary destination to compete with Italy and France

Savour Australia has been held in Adelaide over the past three days.  Leading wine retailers, sommeliers, importers and distributors from around the world are getting a taste of some of Australia’s best drops.  Basically the biggest Australian wine forum ever staged.  Savour Australia had a range of business sessions on wine, consumer trends and retailing; themed lunches and dinners, which attracted over 800 winemakers, industry experts and journalists.

Big deal you say; how does that affect me – the visitor.  Well, part of that talk-fest, which was a Wine Australia production and also sponsored by Tourism Australia, is to help tell the story of Australia’s premium wines and foods, and the stories about the places where they come from.  Helping visitors, via sommeliers and wine distributors, savour all that is great about Australia’s premium wines. Restaurant Australia

Part of telling that story is the release of a new global campaign from Tourism Australia. The campaign is called ‘Restaurant Australia  and this video provides an overview. Andrew McEvoy, Tourism Australia’s managing director, told delegates that research suggests that food and regional cuisine is now a major lure for international travellers – outstripping beauty and natural attractions.

Keynote speaker Wendy Perrin, from Conde Nast Traveler in New York, told the conference that she thought Australia had all of the ingredients needed to compete with Italy, France, Spain and Japan, but was not yet seen as a gastronomic destination by many travellers.

Savour Australia is a way to ignite the world’s interest in Australian wines and help get more quality Australian wines onto the world’s retail shelves and wine lists. It will help forge a strong identity in the marketplace about Australia’s incredibly diverse, unique and top quality wine and food experiences.

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