Fortified by its Warm Glow

In the depths of winter there is nothing better than to be enveloped in the warm glow of a fortified wine.  Its soft unctuousness slides over your mouth.  Comforting mellow flavours combined together with the warming touch of alcohol.  While being a big fan of this style, I probably don’t drink as much as I would like.

South Australia has been a producer of fortified wines ever since the states proclamation in 1836, and has a proud heritage with some well known producers in both Barossa and McLaren Vale.  Many a winery has various styles, with various varietals, but it has never been a big category on its own.  Perhaps I should do a better job of drinking them.

Olivers Taranga 'The Banished' Fortified Grenache

Olivers Taranga ‘The Banished’ Fortified Grenache

Oliver’s Taranga based in McLaren Vale have two; a fortified Muscat and ‘The Banished’ Fortified Grenache.  ‘The Banished’ is aged for 20 years in old brandy barrels.  On the nose it’s full of crème caramel.  Dried stone fruit and fruit-cake aromas are lifted from the glass by warming brandy spirit. On the palate its rich and warm.  While having a noticeable mouth coating sweetness, its not cloying and finishes clean.  Long and lingering flavours of toffee, brandied orange peel and nutty sweetness cover you.

Yes I really should drink more of this style. I really should.

RRP $40
Alc 19%
Sample: Provided by producer
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  1. After that delicious and enticing description, I’m pretty sure I should be drinking more of this style too.

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