Yet Another Great Vintage from Margaret River?

Margaret River’s 2015 white wine vintage has been completed with many wine producers reporting their earliest ever finish some as early as the first week in March!

Fruit quality is again very good; Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon displays intense varietal characteristics such as crisp natural acidity on the palate accompanied by a citrus to lemon and lime fruit aromas on the nose. Chardonnay also has a great length to its acidity and with quite soft line of phenolics.  Profile flavours cover the spectrum from early Summer peach to nectarine as well as a fine contour of citrus.

Vasse Felix in Margaret River, WA

Vasse Felix in Margaret River, WA

Quality as usual is high across Margaret River, however yields are down across the board – as high as 20% to 25% throughout the region.  Since early March a more autumn weather pattern came into being, with cooler night time temperatures being reported.  This has effectively extended the ripening period for red wine varieties quite nicely giving them more ‘hang time’ to enhance fruit development flavour profiles with softer tannin levels arising as a consequence.

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