Dave Powell has left Torbreck forest

Mr David Powell has left Torbreck to pursue other interests.  It was announced in a statement from the chairman and board of Torbreck Vintners.  Dave Powell was founder and acted as Managing Director for Torbreck Vintners since its inception in 1994. Dave Powell left Torbreck as of 21st August 2013.

Torbreck is a well known boutique winery based in Barossa Valley, South Australia.  They produce wines of an international standard and have been a hallmark of Barossa’s success.  Torbreck was named one of the World’s Top 100 Wine Estates by Robert Parker.

Chairman Colin Ryan commented: “The business will continue on its original foundations of fine wine quality, peer recognition and winemaking innovation. These principles will endure at Torbreck with Winemaker, Craig Isbel, continuing to direct the winemaking process as he has done since 2006 along with the existing winemaking team and the existing Torbreck management.  Mr Pete Kight who became the owner of all the equity shares in Torbreck in 2008, continues to enthusiastically support Torbreck and is committed to ensuring its continued pursuit of excellence.

Pete Kight bought all the equity shares in Torbreck in 2008 and had a five year agreement with Dave Powell.  That agreement ended in July. Dave Powell was offered a role within Torbreck, but declined this offer.

Apart from Dave Powell leaving, there are no operational changes to Torbreck.

Wine Spectator have more details.

Dave Powell responds with an open letter.

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5 responses to “Dave Powell has left Torbreck forest

  1. No Powell, no Torbreck. Good luck, chaps.

    • Its always interesting when a brand is built around an individual, then that individual leaves. No matter how good the team which surrounded them, I’d imagine it would still have an impact on the culture of any organisation. None the less, with the same winemaker and same vineyards, I’m sure we can still expect a great product from the Torbreck team.

  2. But it rarely works out that way. The Quivira team, while plenty competent, runs things pretty straight down the road, which was never really the Torbreck style.

  3. Torbreck wines haven’t been made by Dave Powell since 2006. Craig Isbel’s winemaking has garnered the ratings & accolades for seven years. Powell has only been the “face” of the brand as the brash, foul mouthed marketer ever since. More often than not in recent times, he would offend people and turn them off with his drunken, offensive commentary.

    It is ridiculous to say no Powell, no Torbreck. It is really unfortunate that Powell has been reduced to this, but he did it to himself. Torbreck will continue as before and most likely more profitably since it no longer has to support Powell’s extravagant lifestyle and salary.

  4. In further developments Dave Powell provides an open letter. http://que-syrah.com/dave-powell-and-torbreck/

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