d’Arenberg Accused of Being Well Dressed

I’m sure d’Arenberg’s Chief Winemaker, Chester Osborn, has never been accused of being stylish or well-dressed – especially with those shirts.  But their icon wine Dead Arm Shiraz recently had an update, the first time since the wine made its debut in 1993.

d'Arenberg Icon Wines

d’Arenberg Icon Wines (image supplied)

The labels of their icon series (including Ironstone Pressings and Coppermine Road) are indeed very stylish and well dressed.  They all still retain the distinctive red sash across the front.  d’Arenberg’s Icons wines are the product of a complex array of elements, very old and low yielding vines, age old winemaking techniques and rigorous barrel selection.

“Our Icons are powerful, complex and concentrated, yet perfectly balanced. The 2010 vintage was an ideal growing season that produced grapes displaying beautiful fruit characters at lower sugar levels. The resultant wines are strongly varietal and free of oily fatness,” Chester said. “We’re excited about this vintage release, and thrilled that these wines now proudly display labels that are representative of the wine these bottles contain, elegant, sophisticated and premium.”

Have you had any of the new releases? What were your thoughts?

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