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Patritti 2016 PetNat: Wine Review

All the cool kids are drinking this naturally sparkling wine. Even though its ‘new’, as with most things grasped by hipsters it is an ancient and natural product, but without any hint of irony. Its a form of fizzy wine which is bottled before the completion of fermentation. As the yeasts consumes the sugar, turning it into alcohol, the yeast creates carbon dioxide which causes the juice to become spritzy. With a Pet-Nat, the live ferment is trapped inside the bottle . This method of winemaking is known as méthode ancestrale or Pétillant-Naturel (natural sparkling) or Pet Nat for short.

Patritti Pet Nat


Patritti is actually based in Adelaide city suburbs, but the fruit for this is Trincadeira from Barossa and adds sweetness and natural acidity. Essentially being an ‘unfinished wine’ the Patritti Pet Nat still has yeast lees in suspension. So leaving the bottle upright a day or so prior to opening minimises the cloudiness.

Aromas of wild strawberries, with a definite funky spiciness and a herbal edge. On the palate its lightly spritzy, noticeable sweetness but balanced with acidity. Red berries, cranberries. The Patritti Pet Nat reminds me of that strawberry yogurt that I left in the fridge for a week too long, but still decided to eat the fizzy creamy berries goodness. Serve the Pet Nat slightly cooler than room temperature, and its freshness and slight sweetness makes it super tempting on a warm summery evening.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $25
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Vickery 2016 Riesling: Wine Review

John Vickery is the accepted doyen of Riesling in Australia, with an illustrious career covering fifty years and innumerable awards. The Vickery Rieslings he has crafted from Watervale and Eden Valley in South Australia are the epitome of this variety.

Vickery Rieslings are made in partnership with talented winemaker and family friend Phil Lehmann, so that John’s winemaking methods and knowledge will be preserved and passed on for generations to come, for the benefit of all lovers of classic Australian Riesling.

Vickery Eden Valley 2016 Riesling

Vickery Eden Valley Riesling

The Vickery Riesling from Eden Valley has lovely aromas of lime zest, and some floral prettiness. Palate is fresh and lively with lemon citrus, with a slately edge.

Flavours last and the mouthwatering acidity suggests some great cellaring potential for those who adore aged Rieslings.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $23
Region: Eden Valley (Barossa), SA
Source: Trade tasting


Vickery Watervale Riesling

Vickery Watervale 2016 Riesling

The Vickery Riesling from Watervale shows the typical freshness on the nose, with some aromatic white floral characters.

The palate is similarly lively like the Eden Valley, and also with a steely component. Possibly a little fuller in the mouthfeel. Pure and delicious.

Alcohol: 12.5%
Price: $23
Region: Watervale (Clare Valley), SA
Source: Trade tasting

Calabria 2013 Old Vine Shiraz: Wine Review

The previous Calabria wines which were tasted, Aglianico, Durif, etc have all come from Riverina in NSW.  But the Calabria family also have some lovely old vines around Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Just like the other Calabria Family wines, this Barossa Old Vine Shiraz is sensational value. On the nose there is dark rich ripe fruit, a good sprinkling of vanilla spice and lots of intensity.

Calabria Shiraz

On the palate the Calabria Old Vine Shiraz is medium to full-bodied-traditional-Barossa-Shiraz goodness. Ripe dark fruit, cooked ripe plums, a bit of dusty fennel seed and roasted meats. The tannins are soft and welcoming. Alcohol is noticeable and warming, and ideal for mid-winter catchup with friends.  While there is an absence of refinement and restraint, it makes up for in generosity of flavour.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Price: $26
Region: BarossaValley, SA
Source: Provided by producer

Edited: Amended price.

Freedom in Barossa with Langmeil

Langmeil Winery in the Barossa Valley officially opened the new
Freedom Room.

Langmeil Freedom Room

The private tasting room is hidden underneath the restored cobbler’s store and water tank. The cobblers store was built in 1884 as part of the original Langmeil village.

The village also included a blacksmith, a baker and a butcher – all of which were put to use again for the winery’s 172nd birthday celebration last week.

The event also celebrated the release of the 2013 Old Vine Garden collection, which includes The Freedom 1843 Shiraz, Fifth Wave Grenache and Orphan Bank Shiraz.

The wines in the Old Vine Garden range, are made from amazing old vineyards, including vines planted in 1843 by Christian Auricht, an early Lutheran settler. Christian Auricht himself was a blacksmith, and the Langmeil Village still has his blacksmith workshop open for visitors.

Langmeil s-1772

Langmeil Village

Langmeil Village

Elderton ‘Greenock Two’ 2013 – Wine Review

Continuing along the modern and stylish theme of the Elderton Greenock One Shiraz, the Elderton ‘Greenock Two’ is a modern take on this traditional blend. 49% Shiraz, 41% Mourvedre, and 10% Grenache make up the components. This wine is from vines planed in 1969 in Barossa Western edge, near the small township of Greenock. Elderton greenock-two

On the nose the 2013 Greenock Two shows quite a meaty, savoury character, presumably from the larger component of Mourvedre. Dusty cocoa and a pretty floral waft keep it alluring.

On the palate its silky tannins and well bodied. Ripe blue fruit and a red fruit hint, chocolate and liquorice. Fresh cracked black pepper, and touch of juniper. Ultimately leading to a pleasurable, complex and intriguing wine which from a great vintage.

Alcohol: 14.0%
RRP: $28
Region: Barossa
Source: Provided by producer

Elderton 2012 Greenock One Shiraz: Tasting Note

Elderton greenock-oneThe newish Elderton vineyard located in the Barossa Valley’s western side of Greenock was purchased in 2010. It makes a great contribution to the existing Barossa vineyards, and has established vines from ranging 20 – 35 years of age. Within the Greenock range there is the Shiraz “Greenock One”, a GSM “Greenock Two”, and interestingly the “Western Ridge” composed of Grenache and Carignan.

The Elderton Greenock One Shiraz is a sensational value modern style of Barossa Shiraz. On the nose there is fresh red berries, dark plums, subtle cedary oak in the background. Hints of earth and roasted meats.

On the palate its fresh and lively – medium to full bodied. Dark boysenberry and dark plum. Sweet spices (cinnamon, vanilla, star anise), charred meats, with a soy edge. Alluring. Easily matched with charred lamb with a touch of fat, and a tomato relish.

Alcohol: 14.5%
RRP: $28
Region: Barossa
Source: Provided by producer