Around the World with Artisans of Barossa

Artisans of Barossa is a group of seven individual wineries which share the common goal to protect and promote small batch, sub-regional winemaking. Its a great way to see the diversity of this internationally recognised region of South Australia. 

The Artisans were recently joined by Mark McNamara (previous executive chef at Appellation).  Mark also hosts the Long Lunches on Sundays, which is an indulgent way to enjoy what the region does so well – great food, sensational wines and outstanding views.

A new experience at Artisans of Barossa is the Global Village Feast every Friday night in June and July.  Drawing on the international travels of the Artisans winemakers and Mark McNamara , it brings hearty, flavoursome, and sustaining  food from around the globe back home to the Barossa. 

In a relaxed shared table environment, enjoy a different international food theme every week.  Ranging from Hong Kong, West Indian, Irish, American and naturally German. So get a table together and make a booking to share this Barossa experience.


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