Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose: Wine Review

As spring progresses and the evenings get warmer, rose’s feature more and more regularly (especially here in South Australia). Roses are quite a broad category ranging from sweet to bone dry, and based on a diverse range of grape varieties. Around South Australia Grenache roses are quite abundant, especially in Barossa and McLaren Vale.

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

Wirra Wirra Mrs Wigley Rose

The Wirra Wirra 2015 Mrs Wigley Rose, is a lively pink colour. The Grenache fruit adding to its vibrancy.  On the nose its packed full of fresh raspberry and strawberry fruit, with a herbal edge. A sweet confectionery/candy floss aroma could easily lead you to think this is at the sweeter end of the rose spectrum.

On the palate of the Mrs Wigley Rose, there is more strawberry and ripe summer berry exuberance, with a prettiness in flavour and appearance. Its all fresh fruit sweetness, finishing dry and crisp, with a little bit of grip to add texture. Ideally drunk cold, its full of fun and summer in a bottle.

Alcohol: 13.5%
RRP: $20
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer


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dArenberg 2011 Sticks & Stones: Wine Review

For those used to big dark fruity red wines, you may require a little encouragement to approach the d’Arenberg Sticks & Stones.  But I strongly encourage you.  Its a blend of 60% Tempranillo, 25% Grenache, Souzao and Tinta Cao.  Never heard of Souzao nor Tinta Cao? Dont worry, I had to look them up as well.

dArenberg Sticks & Stones

The 2011 d’Arenberg Sticks & Stones has lovely meaty, gamey aromas. Definitely more savoury and earthy end of the spectrum, but also nice ripe dark cherry keeping it fresh.

On the palate there are more savoury characters, like cured meats, and Italian herbs. Medium bodied, with warming alcohol.  The tannins are smooth and drying, and cry out for a platter of cured meats, and roasted vegetable antipasto in the afternoon sun.

The 2011 d’Arenberg Sticks & Stones is interesting and not your normal package. But you shouldn’t expect anything normal from d’Arenberg.

Alcohol:  14.4%
RRP: $29
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer

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dArenberg 2011 Laughing Magpie: Wine Review

dArenberg Laughing Magpie

The Laughing Magpie from d’Arenberg as always been a consistent performer.  A traditional blend of Shiraz, with a bit of Viognier adding softness and floral characters.

Alas, the 2011 d’Arenberg Laughing Magpie took me by surprise.  On the nose there was a bit of forest floor up front, followed by meaty characters and dark plum. All-round it wasn’t an intense aroma as expected and probably lacking the floral component of previous years. Perhaps I was having a sensory bad day.

On the palate it was soft and drying, with good length. Dark cherries, ripe plum, a whiff of cracked black pepper, and clove/allspice.  But overriding was a funky smoked meat quality which distracted.  It reminded me of an acquaintance, Brett, who I haven’t seen for a few years. Shall we just say he had a personal aroma problem, but he also liked funk music, so we put up with him because he was interesting. [Obtuse cork-dork reference.]

On the second day the funk had dissipated. But overall it wasn’t the Laughing Magpie I knew so well.

Alcohol: 14.2%
RRP: $29
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Source: Provided by producer

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Zonin Prosecco NV: Wine Review

The Prosecco segment of the wine market has been growing internationally for many years now.  In Australia the percentage of Australians drinking Prosecco has increased from 5% in 2011 to 14% in 2014 (according to Wine Intelligence). Which is no wonder considering our food, lifestyle, and probably budget.

Zonin Prosecco

The Zonin Prosecco (from Veneto region of Italy) has been bought into Australia by Woolworths.  So expect to find it at the usual Woolworths own retail outlets.

Its a very pale straw colour, with a soft mouse. This Prosecco uses the charmat method of production, which is ideal for higher volume and therefore cost control. It uses pressurized stainless steel tanks to assist with secondary fermentation, rather than fermentation in the bottle like with methode champenoise.

On the nose there is pear and fresh green apple.  On the palate melon and citrus flavours, followed by subtle lime to finish.  While not super complex, its a good value fresh style aperitif, and ideal for mixing with peach nectar (for a Bellini) or Aperol and soda (for a Aperol Spritz).

Alcohol: 11.0%
RRP: $11
Region: Veneto, Italy
Source: Provided importer

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Bests Great Western 2015 Riesling: Wine Review

If only we could leap forward 10 years sometimes. Aged Riesling a a joy to behold and something tells me the Bests Great Western 2015 Riesling will develop into a beauty.Bests 2015 Riesling

At the present time on the nose there’s lemon curd, juicy red apple, and subtle floral bath salts in the background.  While not exactly leaping from the glass (possibly a little too cool) its still interesting and alluring.

On the palate of the Bests Great Western Riesling, the first thing noticed is the sweetness.  More than a hint, but in now way overriding. Definitely in the off dry category or possibly ‘halbtrocken’ for those Rieslings freaks.

Ripe mandarin and lime citrus, a little kick of acid balancing it all.  Red apple again makes an appearance, making it full and round. The sweetness adequately countered a good hit of chilli in a Vietnamese chicken salad.

Other reviews of the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2014 Bin 1 Shiraz.

Alcohol: 12.0%
RRP: $25
Region: Grampians, VIC
Source: Provided by producer

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Freedom in Barossa with Langmeil

Langmeil Winery in the Barossa Valley officially opened the new
Freedom Room.

Langmeil Freedom Room

The private tasting room is hidden underneath the restored cobbler’s store and water tank. The cobblers store was built in 1884 as part of the original Langmeil village.

The village also included a blacksmith, a baker and a butcher – all of which were put to use again for the winery’s 172nd birthday celebration last week.

The event also celebrated the release of the 2013 Old Vine Garden collection, which includes The Freedom 1843 Shiraz, Fifth Wave Grenache and Orphan Bank Shiraz.

The wines in the Old Vine Garden range, are made from amazing old vineyards, including vines planted in 1843 by Christian Auricht, an early Lutheran settler. Christian Auricht himself was a blacksmith, and the Langmeil Village still has his blacksmith workshop open for visitors.

Langmeil s-1772

Langmeil Village

Langmeil Village

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